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Confused Between Divorce and Separation?

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March 7, 2017


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Every day, a number of couples tie the knot and mark the beginning of a new life all over the UK. Though all of them share the same dream of living a happy life, the words like “till death do us apart” don’t seem to work out very well for many. The reasons vary from a decline in the financial stability to the suspicions on the loyalty of the spouse. Regardless of the reason, a lot of couples in Cardiff take the hard decision of hiring a divorce attorney or solicitor.
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Divorce is hard; there are a lot of tough decisions that need to be taken and a lot of disputes that need to be settled. During the process of divorce (or separation), ones who get affected the most aside from the parents, are their children. They share the same stress as their parents (if not more), and are the primary focus of the consideration during the process of divorce. Many parents opt of separation instead of the divorce to serve the common interests of themselves and their children. However, it varies depending upon the situation. While separation may be a better option for many, there are others for whom divorce is preferable.

Martyn Prowel is a leading law firm in Cardiff, UK whose team of experienced solicitors has helped a lot of couples of Cardiff to decide whether to go for separation or divorce. Since it depends upon the particular situation of each couple, the divorce attorneys review each case thoroughly, evaluate the possible option and then provide the advice about the most appropriate option.

Many people get confused about separation and divorce, and many don’t even know the difference among the two. Both have a lot of similarities; however, there are some differences. Some of the benefits which separation has over divorce are:

Even if the spouses get separated and no longer live together, they can continue to share the benefits of health insurance, continue to keep the bond of their marriage for religious purposes and requirements, continue to share government and financial benefits such as social security, and they can also continue to enjoy the privilege of jointly filing their income tax returns.

In short, separation provides the spouses with an idea about how the divorce would be like for them in future. If they believe that getting separated was the right decision, they can file for divorce. Otherwise, they can get back together without having to marry again.

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