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Men’s Hair Do Matter!

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February 23, 2017


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It has been observed that for most of the guys, the stuff on their heads is not a big deal. It gets washed in the shower, combed right, cut when absolutely necessary. End of story. You adore you guy but what about his hair? Maybe there’s room for some improvement. Undoubtedly he admires your exquisite taste that’s why he is with you, so stay alert for the opportunity to weigh in on his hair cut, hair health and style. To prepare, here are tips for every type of men’s hair, plus some common male strand

It seems once they find a cut they like, they stick with “the usual,” and suddenly several decades have elapsed. Granted, the spectrum for men’s hairstyles is much narrower than for women, but every now and then, whether he’s a classic suit and tie man, or more of the artsy type, an update is in order. The thing about fine hair is that it tends to be unevenly fine. A closely-clipped fade haircut keeps the existing hair evenly distributed. Some length on the top and a strong part make a dramatic statement. A neatly-clipped beard serves as a balancing element for the big picture. Clipped and faded sides and back, a finely-etched hairline and a squared-off top produce a crisp and masculine effect. Curls can have a softening effect on a guy’s features, so it’s best to keep the shape of the haircut angular. The good news is thick hair pretty much looks good no matter how it’s cut. But if you and your guy can find a barber or stylist who knows how to prune it a bit, it will look even better. That could mean using shears to thin out the sides and back, and to texturize the top by snipping out random sections. The snipping creates some movement in a solid shape, and can be further defined with Ponsonby Pomade or Coltrane Clay by Triumph & Disaster.

If backed against a wall, most guys would admit they don’t much care for their gray hair. Gray may be a good look for a professor or CEO who wants to give the impression of wisdom and experience, but not so much for a guy still competing for the promotion, raise, new job, etc. So, in order to put your game face on, visit for more hair help and products.

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