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Zeolite extraction, processing and sale

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June 30, 2016


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1502841 zeolith 2 nslZeolite, also known as zeolith in German, is a term used to represent hydrated alumino-silicate minerals made up of interlinked tetrahedral molecules of alumina (AlO4) and silica (SiO4). They are available in the form of solids with an open and three dimensional crystal structure built from aluminum, oxygen and silicon. You would be wondering why we are telling you all this chemistry. It might seem boring to you but it is about an extraordinary mineral found in the world that have uncountable domestic, agricultural and industrial applications and Zeocem is a top tier company that provides high quality natural zeolite and products made up of it. The company’s products are divided into many categories including agriculture, environment, and building and construction.


We have nearly 30 years of experience in agriculture and are fully aware of every type of needs our valued clients might have. We have done both research and practical implementation in agricultural domain, the feed industry and garden industry. Our products based on natural and synthetic zeolite have fulfilled the needs of many clients across the country. The Zeofeed product is a food additive especially designed for better health, improved digestion and enhanced growth. It is also used as a mineral additive in livestock bedding that increases the absorptive capacity of bedding material. Zeosand and ZeoGravel are used as soil conditioners to improve the ability of soil to retain water and minerals.


When it comes to environment protection, nothing could be more effective than the natural zeolite and the Zeocem Company is proficient at using natural zeolite for protection purposes. Our product named Zeocem Eco has special properties to be used as a filtering and adsorbent material in water treatment. It also adsorbs many heavy metals and dioxins. It is also used in the construction of waste landfills. It creates a filtration barrier to protect the environment and prevent soil contamination.

Building and construction

We provide natural zeolite based products for the construction industry. ZeoBau products are used as stabilizers in concrete, plasters and adhesives. They are also added to precast components and flooring mixtures. They can also be used directly in the cement. The Klinomix product line reduces hexavalent chromium in cement and also functions as corrosion inhibitor.

If you need any of the natural or synthetic products based on zeolite, give us a call and we will provide them for you at the earliest. You can explore us at

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