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Why Jersey is one of the best places to visit?

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June 22, 2016


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auto-300163_960_720The European Island of Jersey acquires a great place in the history of both of the former glorious empires, i.e. England and France. Due to substantial impression of both these countries on this particular island, you will feel the hints of civilizations of both these countries, if you ever decide to visit it in your life time.

With remarkably beautiful coastline, Jersey is one of the best places to visit, if you love to travel and relish the beauty of nature. Having English as its official language and names of streets in French, Jersey is keeping the effect of both sides of the border. People from both the channels can feel free to visit and enjoy their tour to the fullest.

Apart from both these countries, people from other countries can also enjoy substantially by visiting Jersey. There are number of attractions for tourists touring Jersey. Some of those attractions are listed below.

  • Jersey War Tunnels:

It is the favorite spot for the tourists having taste in history. This place has a rich history because of World War II and you will definitely enjoy visiting it.

  • St. Brelade‚Äôs Bay Beach:

It is rendered as one of the top spots of tourism by the people visiting Jersey. With a beautiful and intensely looked after bay, it provides a wonderful opportunity of wondering how beautiful the nature is.

  • Durrell Wildlife Park:

This park is built up on the lines of providing as much free space to wildlife as possible. It can be your favorite spot to visit, if you take interest in wildlife.

  • Elizabeth Castle:

Placed on the tidal side, this castle has a rich history if you want to study and visit it. It was built when the stronghold of Mont Orguill was unable to protect Jersey from the invaders.

Other than these places, there are lot more tourists spots to visit in Jersey. You will not be dissatisfied from this tour at all. Whenever you decide visiting, you would need the help of a company specialized in car rental Jersey. You can get in contact with such company by logging on to

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