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Industrial and domestic applications of zeolite

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June 30, 2016


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1502841 zeolith 1 nslZeolite refers to a group of natural minerals found in the holes and cracks frequently found in the iron- and magnesium-rich igneous rocks called basalt and gabbro. They are also found in the lava that erupts out of the earth crust. It is indeed a gift from nature. It has numerous applications in a number of fields. The industrial and domestic applications of zeolite are absolutely countless. There are many companies in the world that either procure natural zeolite from the earth’s surface or manufacture it in laboratories. Zeocem is one of the top companies that provide both natural and artificial zeolite. In German, it is called zeolith and Zeocem is the best company that produces multipurpose zeolite.

Being a crucial mineral, zeolite is extensively used in the industrial manufacturing and maintenance. We at the Zeocem Company provide ZeoCem product for industrial applications as an odor adsorbent and desiccant. Natural zeolite can also be used as a filter to improve the properties of products and as a replacement for other products. KlinoSorb is used as a natural universal adsorbent material. AspaClin is used to mitigate harmful environmental impacts. We also provide products for household purposes.

Pet lovers have discovered the importance of zeolite. Due to its qualities, chemical formula and structure, zeolite is abundantly used as pet litter. Whether you have a pussy cat, a small dog, a rabbit or a mouse as a pet, you can use the company’s meticulously formulated lumping zeolite-bentonite mixed litter Pussy Cat Plus. The pet litter keeps your house from getting dirty because of animal urine and feces. It allows you to easily remove the waste material from the box containing pet litter because it turns the waste into fine solid objects and adsorbs all the liquid.

Another major domestic application of our zeolite minerals based products is the FloraStone. It is a kind of decorative stone for flower pots, flower beds and graves that optimizes soil water content and prevents it from drying. It also improves and balances plants’ uptakes of nutrients and trace elements. Additionally, it prevents soil hardening and reduces the need of frequent watering.

In addition to above mentioned products, there are many other useful and effective items in our product line that can serve you as a multipurpose solution. Please visit our website at for more details.

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