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Industrial Benefits of Zeolith!

6Zeolith is an important mineral which is used extensively in many industries, all over the world. Other than industrial uses, it has number of commercial and domestic advantages as well. It is also used in the biological fields due to its significance for naturally occurring phenomenon. Other than natural occurrence, as it is very useful for the human beings, it is manufactured artificially as well. Here we will discuss the industrial uses of Zeolite, as it is difficult to tell you about every kind of its advantage in a single place.

It is used in multiple industries due to its far reaching benefits for the efficiency of these industries. Some of those are listed below.

  • In petrochemical industry, their usage is wide spread, as they are used as catalysts which help in increasing the rate of the reactions being carried out. Cracking of hydrocarbons is the most important step of manufacturing any petro-chemical product and Zeolites help people in this regard. This cracking is done through ion exchange method as Hydrogen form of Zeolites is used for this purpose. After the breaking down of large gasoline molecules into smaller ones, catalyst is injected which in turn increases the rate of reaction and effects the manufacturing of product, producing it in a fast and efficient manner.
  • The uses of Zeolith in the nuclear industry cannot be underestimated. Zeolites work as permeable membrane in the nuclear processes, they allow the passage of only the some material and the fission products are stopped by them at the start of the process. This efficient trapping of fission products make it possible to use these products effectively in producing the wanted results. As the zeolites enclose the waste material in a solid stone block form, they are more useful in handling the radioactive waste material than the conventional methods. Zeolites can also be used in any leakage incident of radioactive material. They were used in Fukushima Nuclear Plant to absorb the radioactive waste.
  • In the Bio Gas Industry, Zeolites are constantly being used for the purpose of storing energy. It can store energy four times than that of water. As this process is underdeveloped yet, main aim is to develop this process so that the stored energy can be used for industrial or commercial purposes upon requirement.

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