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When we talk about cool birthday gifts for kids, toys come in mind at first place. These toys become more attractive and appealing to the kids when they have their names or pictures on them. That is the reason why you need customized birthday present for your child.  MOD by Ogo sport is a company that designs completely customized cool birthday gifts for kids.

MOD by Ogo sport is a company situated in New York, USA. The company offers custom made bouncing disks along with soft ball. These bouncing disks have beautiful and attractive ring colors and balls.The best part is that center can be customized.  The bouncing disks presented by MOD by Ogo sport contain various themes that are famous among children these days such as, Smurf’s the Movie, The Today Snow, Colbert Report etc.

These bouncing disks are available at affordable rates. The price of each bouncing disk is $ 25 only. Hence the bouncing disks offered by MOD by Ogo sport are available at reasonable price and can be an inexpensive but durable and special birthday present.

Bouncing disks sports toys that are used for bouncing ball and playing in back yard, beach, park, balconies and in even in door during rainy days. MOD by Ogo sport makes the central bouncing disc customized. The name of the child and the photograph can be printed on the center of the disc. MOD by Ogo sport are able to print onto the bouncing center of the bouncing disk so that one can customize them with graphics, photos, texts of own choice etc.

The bouncing disks are great fun in summer for making soft ball bounce on the bouncing disk for playing in swimming pools and beaches. They are also fun playing in door during winters.  The game can be played by multiple people regardless of the age.

Placing order with MOD by Ogo sport is not at all difficult. The shipment policies are also simple and easy to follow. These policies are available on website when order is placed.  All a person has to do is to specify the color of the ring. The ring is available in pink, blue and orange. Then the customer has choose the color of the ball. The ball s available in yellow/orange, blue/ orange. The total order includes 1 tailored, printed, 12 inches bouncing disk and 1 Soft Ball. The ordered are shipped with in United States only.


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