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Baqiworld: world news and tech platform

1687101 HomeIf you are crazy about the latest technology and IT updates and want to stay updated of the world news, you should start following the Baqi World right now. It is an online platform that is specifically run with the intention to feed the people who are craving for international and local news updates, smartphone lovers, and tech geeks. The website available at basically has four different sections.

  1. 1.      Home page

The home page consists of all the latest updates and news about politics, science, technology, art and music, etc. On the left hand side, blogs are enlisted. They can be read in detail by clicking on the link. On the right hand side of the page are the links to the latest posts. There are a variety of articles and blogs creating general awareness about everyday matters among the masses.

  1. 2.      World news

The second section is the world news. It contains links to online streaming of all the major and popular news networks. The list of news networks encompassed by the Baqi World includes Fox News, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Sky News, Russia Today, NDTV and Dunya News. The website provides a live stream of the news channel upon clicking on the links provided in the network details.

  1. 3.      Business news

The Baqi World is among the very few online platforms that provide a complete insight on international business updates and activities. Owing to the importance of the business network, the website has dedicated a whole section to the updates and features regarding ongoing business activities. The business channels covered by the website include MSNBC, Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg Asia, Bloomberg UK and Bloomberg USA. All of these channels are followed by world’s top business class and that’s why, the Baqi World is highly appreciated by the business elite.

  1. 4.      ‘Top five’ section

In this section, top five options from every field are gathered and published in the form of a blog. This helps readers in knowing about the top trends and utilities about their field of interest at a single platform. These blogs are written on music, smartphones, social networks, video games, fashion trends, and various smartphone apps.

Follow the Baqi World online news portal and stay updated about the latest news, gossips, tech developments, and fashion trends.

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