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Lalloo Solicitors: Ireland’s personal injury claim experts

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April 1, 2016


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1146072 Solicitors for personal injury claims in DublinLalloo Solicitors is a company based in Dublin, Ireland that provides legal services in case people had experienced a personal injury as a result of any sought of major or minor accident. If you have got hurt in the last two years due to an accident that was not your fault, you deserve compensation to your sufferings. And for that purpose, this company is there to serve you.

Being the solicitors for personal injury claims in Dublin, Lalloo Solicitors provides multiple services to its clients including road traffic accidents, accidents at work and slip and trip claims. The company also answers the personal injury questions on their official website at These questions include various types of queries. Most of the people are hesitant in claiming their legitimate right due to multiple reasons.

  • Avoiding legal issues

According to the company, one of the major reasons behind the people’s hesitation is that they do not want to get into any legal situation. People do not want to go to the court. But the Lalloo and Company Solicitors stands beside you in such cases. You do not need to worry about tackling the situations alone. The company’s professional solicitors will be there to take you through to your destination.

  • Feeling guilty about claiming from one’s employer

Most of the people do not want to claim compensation from their employers and feel guilty being doing so. But this is actually incorrect and against the rules. Your employer has a legal obligation to protect you and your rights in any case while you are working inside or out of the official vicinity. Almost all of the employers have employee liability insurance. You can definitely use this insurance in case of any injury.

  • Complexity of the matter

The complicated situation is another excuse people want to make to avoid claiming their rights. It is true that in some cases, the proceedings may get complicated and you may find it difficult to continue. But this is what the experienced solicitors of the company are for. They are there to support you in such complicated situations.

Why should you make a claim at all?

Many people do bravely claim. They actually want to set an example by creating awareness among others and to save them from potential mistakes. They also want to highlight the situation so that those who made the mistake may realize what they have done.

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