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Want to claim about personal injuries? Hire Lalloo Solicitors!

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April 1, 2016


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1146072 personal injury claimsInjuries are a part of human life. People can suffer any kind of injury at any place. Injuries could not be completely avoided but their repercussions can be treated in better ways. If you are working in any office in the Republic of Ireland and have suffered from any injury in the past 2 years, you should claim your compensation according to the rules and regulations of employee liability insurance. Although the legal processes are complicated and often beyond understanding of the masses, the services of a competent company like Lalloo Solicitors can be availed. The company provides a variety of services in the domain of personal injury claims.

1.      Road traffic accidents

It is estimated that almost 5% of the road accidents in Ireland involve unidentified or uninsured drivers. If you have been involved in this type of a road traffic accident and it was not your fault, you can surely claim for your personal injuries. People often get hesitant to claim their right, thinking of it as a moral crime. But the compensation secured by the court process is absolutely legal and it becomes your legitimate right.

2.      Accidents at work

There are a lot of possible ways that could end you up facing an accident at your workplace. Accidents in official vicinity generally occur in heavy industries and manufacturing areas. Accidents can also occur if you are working in a construction area. It is not necessary to be your fault. If you suffered injuries due to your colleagues’ carelessness, the malfunctioning of any machinery or the collapse of any building structure, you should claim your right legally. And for that purpose, Lalloo Solicitors is the best possible option.

3.      Trip and fall accidents

Trip and fall injuries can occur anywhere and anytime around. Whether you are in your house, shopping in the market or walking on a pavement, you can slip due to any reason and fall to receive injuries. Mostly trip and fall occurs due to your own negligence. But sometimes, you receive injuries due to a hazardous situation on someone else’s property. In this case, Lalloo Solicitors can help you claim your right. To claim your right, you shall have the image of the accident location and the document’s copy of accident by the property owner. You may then find a professional solicitor accordingly.

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