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Water tanks and accessories by National Poly Industries

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March 24, 2016


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1543933 water tanksWater is one of the most fundamental necessities of life. Life can never survive without it. It is equally important for drinking and other utilizing purposes. In the agrarian societies, water was acquired directly from underground whenever needed. There was no such concept of water storage, at least at the domestic level. But with the growing world population and industrialization, the need to store water for domestic as well as industrial purposes arose. At the moment, water tanks are widely being used to store water. If you live in Australia and are in search of a quality water tank on a reasonable price, whether for domestic or industrial purpose, National Poly Industries is the company you need to contact to.

National Poly Industries is one of Australia’s leading water tanks manufacturing companies. The company has been manufacturing and selling the tanks for over 100 years and has an extensive domain knowledge, experience and reputation. They manufacture a variety of tanks ranging from different sizes, shapes, capacities and purposes. The list of products contains different types of domestic, industrial and farming tanks and accessories.

For domestic purposes, rainwater tanks are manufactured. They are round and slim in size, designed to be used over or under the ground. Round water tanks and slimline tanks are best for harvesting rainwater. Industrial tanks like chemical storage tanks, liquid fertilizer tanks and custom water storage products are also included in the product list. Some tanks are specifically designed for the agriculture and farming purposes by keenly observing and analyzing the needs of the farmers. The farming products comprise of cartage tanks, used to safely transport water and other liquid; molasses storage tanks, the industrial grade tanks with thicker walls to store molasses; and feed and water troughs, designed for livestock and can also be used as garden ponds. If you need a specific type of industrial or farming tank that is not available in the product list of the company, you can order for the customized tanks that can be designed according to your requirements. Along with the tanks, the company also produces various accessories that could ease your life quite efficiently.

The available accessories are multi-purpose and useful in different situations. They can be used alongside water tanks, both at the domestic and the industrial level. The accessories include pumps and covers, tank fitting, water diverters, and leaf strainers. You can visit the official website of the company at to look for further details.

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