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Can I make a personal injury claim?

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February 4, 2016


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inj_2Why do injuries happen? It is a question which is pretty simple to answer. Most of the injuries happen due to lack of protective equipment, which is necessary to do your job. For example, you are working in a cement factory & you are not provided with the safety equipment & you end up inhaling substances which are bad for health, is it your problem that you were not provided with the safety equipment? Absolutely not. It is obligatory for a firm to provide you with the safety equipment, if they don’t & you end up being injured, then they are to blame.
In Ireland a good amount of people use to work as farmers. They work on their own farms or as a helping hand on farms of other people. There are substantial amount of injuries reported due to working at farm which include injuries caused by animals, or by machinery such as tractors, diggers, harvesters etc, or by the objects flying when you plough the fields & some other injuries like that. You have no fault most of the times if such type of injury hits you.
Sometimes when you are working at the office, you lift a heavy object & you sustain a back injury as a result of that. Are you to blame, if your back sustains an injury by lifting a load which was not in your job description at first place? Not at all.
People are heard asking question can I make a personal injury claim. Of course you can. You just have to pick a right company to do that job for you. You have absolutely no fault if you were not provided with protective equipment, or you sustained a back injury due to lifting heavy object or you were injured by machinery. You can make a personal injury claim & you have best chance to get it, when you have got no blame on yourself for sustaining any injury.
If you had no fault in your injury you should definitely visit right away. You will be provided with an injury claim with the help of the best group of solicitors known as Lalloo Solicitors, who have got fame all over the Ireland.

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