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Who should you contact upon an injury?

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February 4, 2016


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Mahatma Gandhi once said “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” No one would have second opinion about that saying.
Health is what matters the most. If you are not healthy, how are you supposed to go to work? If you do not go to work, how will you be able to pay your bills? Is there any other way this can be done, besides paying for what you have used? You know there is no other way. So health can never be compromised with.

If you are doing what is best for your life, you are eating healthy, you are working but you get injured from nowhere. Some of you will be wondering, wait what? What am I talking about? Am I a crazy person of some kind? No, absolutely not. What I am trying to say is just c

onsider a scenario that you are shopping at a shopping mall & all of a sudden you slip of a banana peel or a grape or due to wet floor, who is at fault here? Or consider yourself using a footpath & all of sudden BOOM! Same thing happens there & you absolutely have no fault in your injury, who is to blame here? There is another scenario in my mind, consider yourself at a petrol station & you fall off forecourt due to unsatisfactory condition of cleanliness, do you consider yourself to be the reason behind your injury.

Actually all of the scenarios described above have one thing in common. There is no fault of yours in your injury whatsoever. That was not your problem that floor of a shopping mall was not tidy or dry, that was not your fault that footpath had banana peels on it & also you are not an in charge of keeping forecourt of a petrol station clear from mixing of water & grease on a rainy day.
If you had no fault at all in your injury, why should you pay for the expenses for gaining your health back after that injury? This is where you need to contact a company for injury claim. Injury claim are not easy to get, you need to select a competent company for it and therefore you should visit will not only give answers to all of your questions but will also help you to provide injury claim trough Lalloo Solicitors, who are considered best in business.

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