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No Claim, No Fee

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February 10, 2016


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injuryThe injury which is most common after being involved in an accident is whiplash. Actually when other car hits you, due to inertia your speed changes. If you were at rest you start to move at the speed of the hitting vehicle. If you were in motion, you start to move with the double speed summing up your speed & the speed of the hitting vehicle. This sudden change of speed causes a sudden impact on the joints of your neck & back most of the times. It results in dislocation or sometimes extreme pain in those joints. This is known as whiplash. Sometimes it does not occur right away at the moment of accident, it takes day or two to show its signs, like the bruise which shows itself after sometime of the injury.
Whiplash results in creating many losses for you. Losses in terms of health, expense & absence from work. It is your right to get an injury claim, if you had no fault of your own in the accident in which you were involved. You need to contact experienced solicitors for getting the claim of your injury.
Lalloo Solicitors are considered best solicitors for personal injury claims in Dublin. You can contact them if you were involved in any such trouble & you had no fault of your own.
You can get in injury claim if you suffered from whiplash, if you
• Went through losing your income due to absence from work as you were injured badly
• Went through a physiotherapy session & it cost you some of your income you saved for some other purposes.
• Went to the appointments outside the city & the cost of journey was pretty much
It is good to know those clauses of getting an injury claim. Isn’t it? You would only be getting those advantages from Lalloo Solicitors. They will not only provide you with the injury claim but will also try to meet the expenses, you went through, in order to get your health back.
The professional bunch of solicitors having lot of experience in whiplash claims, Lalloo Solicitors are certainly the best in the business. They have a unique clause in their contract which puts them at the top of all rivaling companies. That clause reads as “No claim, no fee.” It is reassuring to hear that some companies are still present in this mean world who are striving for the betterment of public.

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