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Effects of Colors in Spiritual Clothing

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September 29, 2015


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Colors have a very important role in our life. We all are prone to making choices on a daily basis with regard to color. For example, from choosing the color of the clothes that we will wear today to choosing the color for the next set of bed linen to choosing the color of paint for the walls in our home. Through spiritual research, we have found that depending on the color we choose, be it clothes or our surroundings, we will be affected accordingly at a spiritual level. Some of us give this question much thought while others may pull out the first set of clothes from their cupboard. We generally pick the clothes that we will wear for the day based broadly on where we are going or the weather forecast. There are a myriad other influences such as the prevailing fashion style, whether we fit into the clothes, our mood, time in hand, etc. which finally seals our decision. We go through this process daily, however we rarely consider the spiritual effect of clothes on us as a reason to wear or buy clothes.portrait-642529_640

In fact most of us including the manufacturers of our clothes are unaware that we are affected spiritually by the clothes that we wear. Spiritual research on clothing and how to dress is undertaken using advanced sixth sense. The research is carried out by seekers who use their advanced sixth sense gained through years of spiritual practice. They perceive the spiritual vibrations emanating from various types of clothes based on aspects such as color, shape and material and note down the readings gained through sixth sense. Some seekers have an advanced sixth sense of vision and can actually see the various spiritual vibrations. Depending on how we dress, clothes can act as a receptor to imbibe positive and divine frequencies from the atmosphere around us. In doing so they can transmit these positive vibrations and purity into our consciousness. If the clothes we wear are able to harness positive energy, then in doing so they are able to protect us from negative energies. Every object has its own distinct and unique spiritual vibrations. The vibrations of clothes depend on factors such as type of cloth, shape, color, design, stitching of cloth, etc. To get more information about spiritual clothing, you can always visit’s home page!

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