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Online Ear Training is now Better than Ever

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August 8, 2015


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 Ear training is an essential training for all those who want to excel in the field of music. Singers, composers, playback singers, Guitarists, Pianists, Keyboardists, hence all the people related to music industry need a good ear with music to identify all those intervals and chords. They can then pick up the sequence and can play it on their own instruments. Learning to play and instrument is not enough. All those instrument players need that special music hearing ability to progress in their career to jump from good to great.

In the past, ear training was difficult because it was a little expensive and also because struggling artists had a very little time to join a school or hire a trainer to learn that skill. Now it is not that difficult. With the revolution in online learning industry, ear training also entered in the market and have established itself as an online learnable skill. Many paid and free resources are available for those who need to learn that important skill, but have no time to attend a class or trainer. All the people related to the music industry and also the hobbyists can use these resources and can benefit from them.



Not all the online ear training websites were good in the past. There were many scams and frauds, but eventually with the help of social media discussions and some bad experiences of other musicians, those fraud websites were filtered out and only good and quality websites remained. Free training resources are good, but they are not helpful if you have some questions and they need to be answered immediately. You can always ask those questions in online forums, but an expert’s answer is always better than a hundred novice answers.

If your budget allows you, always go for paid online ear training programs because they are designed by reputed experts in the field and have a real grip on the subject. Also, your queries are answered quickly. One name that must be mentioned here is Online Ear Training HQ. They are the best in business with a world class ear training from a world class ear training expert Scott Edwards. He is from Melbourne Australia and is a talented musician since he was 6. His aural skills and expertise is beyond comprehension and deep knowledge of the field amazing as well as satisfying for the trainees. He has been offering his services at the Online Ear Training HQ since the beginning of the website.

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