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Music students’ focuses on covering basics of relative and perfect pitch first are really necessary. Why? This is because it will let you know when you are in tune, it will make your singing easy, it will help you memorize different instruments faster and of course a big help in music theory. Many people have asked me that won’t someone with absolute pitch always know they have it? Well, although most people do know about their ability of recognizing absolute pitch but some people are not aware of their ability. We all don’t have the same hearing ability. Some people listen loudly and some can listen normally and having the perfect pitch is not genetic. Those people having perfect pitch mostly realize it very early in life. Now you don’t need to worry about it anymore because you can master your hearing by using Ear Training HQ online courses, it is mostly recommended for musicians who need to have the perfect hearing and the ability to distinguish relative pitch.cute-15719__180

Your ears are simply wonderful instruments for judging the audio. Some people by birth have the strong ability to hear perfectly every sound while some uses training to master their hearing. Many musicians also prefer ear training before starting their career because many of them face little problem differentiating between some chords and pitch. Basically, relative pitch is one of the core skills of listening to music. Many famous musicians have taken the ear training course and makes relative pitch a main part of their training plan. Actually relative pitch allows you to recognize notes in music easily based on the general music context. Ear training helps in playing tunes by ear, working out the chords of a song, sight singing from music sheet and make hear music in your head when you see it written down. Not many people know but relative pitch is all about judging the distance between the different notes. These pitch distances are known as intervals and musicians are required to recognize each possible distance by ear.

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