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Why Companies Prefer Customised Trophies

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August 25, 2015


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Why Companies Prefer Customised Trophies

Here at, we are well aware of the impact and importance a bespoke trophy or award can have. That is why we put so much time and effort into our designs, ensuring you get an unmatched service, from conceptualisation right through to final production.

An acrylic awardCustomised trophies are appropriate for every occasion, and they are a particularly popular choice for corporate awards. In fact, our bespoke awards prove to be popular in terms of individual and team recognition, as well as on a larger departmental or company-wide scale.

But why are our awards so popular for corporate events?

Well, there are plenty of reasons, but to start with, we’ve listed just a few. Read on to see three reasons why companies prefer customised trophies for their special occasions.

Best for the Brand

Investing time, effort and finances into your brand identity may come as second nature to many businesses, but protecting and promoting that brand is a priority for everyone involved.

Whether it is the way people behave when representing the company at work and elsewhere, or it is the branding that needs to be incorporated into every bit of stationery and promotional material, the details go a long way towards making the right impression.

Even when hosting an internal awards ceremony for staff, incorporating your brand is essential. That is why our bespoke design service gives you the option of reproducing your company logo and graphics in a 2D or 3D format, so you can really see your brand come to life.

Not only does this heighten the sense of recognition for the recipient, but it can also instil pride in others, inspiring them to follow suit and achieve. For more information, go to Award EFX.

Right for the Occasion

An award ceremony, of any kind, takes a lot of planning and preparation, and it can mean the world to those receiving rewards and recognition. Of course, hosting the event is only part of the challenge; you also have to pull everything together in a way that suits the purpose and the occasion.

Formal dinners and corporate entertainment evenings are all well and good, but if you are awarding trophies for service and success, you will want to make the awards the focal point. As such, the design will need to be appropriate for the occasion and represent the accolade, as well as the brand.

So think about the kind of impression you want your trophies to make, and let us work with you to create a customised trophy design, exactly as you want it.

Meaningful for the Recipient

When handing out awards and trophies to high achievers, the experience needs to be memorable and meaningful. Those who have made the effort and earned the recognition will be pleased with the acknowledgement, but a customised trophy, tailor-made to them and their success, is likely to have that much more impact.

Similarly, as well as enhancing the experience of the individual, a bespoke award from will be more memorable. Not only will others be inspired to earn their own accolade, but spectators will remember the unique design, and it will stand out in publicity shots.

There is a certain sense of exclusivity that comes with earning and handing out awards and accolades. Whether you are the company producing high-calibre, award-winning staff or the individual whose efforts are being rewarded, a customised trophy at a special occasion is something to be proud of.

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