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A Nice National Park Accommodation

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June 27, 2015


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National Parks in New Zealand are a very beautiful place for trekking, mountain climbing, ice sports and several other adventures. National Parks cover more than 30000 kilometres and are full of beautiful scenery and attracts many tourists every year to witness its beauty and have a little bit of adventure. National Parks are divided into two parts. North Island National Parks and South Island National Parks. Trekking and ice sport enthusiasts go for north islands national parks, while sailing and water sport enthusiasts go for south island national parks.

North Island National Parks have some very beautiful trekking tracks. Including Tongariro and Whanganui among many others. Accommodation is a topic of main concern here. People go there and try to find some good national park accommodation without any prior research, and end up finding a bad yet expensive accommodation, which is a total disaster for mood and money. So what to look for in a good accommodation there? There are many quick checks that can be performed to judge a good accommodation.


First of all, complete your research prior to the visit. Search through internet and find people reviews about several accommodations. Pick out the ones with the best reviews in terms of price and comfort. A good accommodation in a National Park should offer a good comfortable experience at a medium level budget. Now the next step is to compare their rates and find the best one, fitting for your budget. But, be careful, don’t just choose one and go there and have a booking. Visit two or three accommodations on your list after reaching there. There are some more quick checks to be performed.

Look at their communal area, is it big enough? Small and cozy communal areas are a good idea for a city accommodation, but not in a National Park, where there are adventure enthusiasts throughout the year. Then comes the food. A good taste is always appreciated, but an in-house kitchen is a plus. It gives you that feeling of safe, healthy food. Having a bar nearby is a must. An adventure is nothing if you can’t have a place to sip off some good vintage. But an in-house bar is a plus. Equipment hire and warm, well mannered staff or hosts just add more points to the attractiveness of an accommodation.

Pipers Lodge in National Park, is one example of a good national park accommodation. All those above mentioned traits are present in Pipers Lodge and then some more. They are the best in business and know how to give their customers an unforgettable experience.

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