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A Good National Park Accommodation

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June 27, 2015


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New Zealand is a heaven on earth. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Due to its natural scenery, hundreds of hiking spots, sailing, Paragliding, ice skating and all kinds of adventurous sports, it is heaven for adventure enthusiasts. Many tourists cum adventurists visit New Zealand every year. And they are not disappointed in any sense. Adventure, tourism, hospitality and accommodation. National Parks in New Zealand cover more than 30000 square miles and lure thousands of adventure enthusiasts every year. Adventure enthusiasts usually don’t find any accommodation attractive, unless there are some specific facilities that they like. Some of them are listed here.


• A big communal hall is a must. Because most of the adventure enthusiast like open and large space, they love to socialize, meet others and listen to their adventure stories. That is not possible without a big communal hall.
• An in-house kitchen. Good food is very important, it’s a plus if it is home cooked. Because these people are miles away from home, so a hint of nostalgia by tasting a good home cooked food is not a bad thing. If an in-house kitchen is offered inside some hotel or lodge, adventurers love it and recommend it to others too.
• A well behaved staff is also a plus point.
• Having all good adventurous places nearby is most liked by them. They love to live in places, from where they can reach all the prime adventurous locations easily. Too much long hikes are not liked.
• If that establishment offers equipment hire, that’s a plus point. If adventurers can hire ice skates and ice gear or any other hiking or climbing equipment easily, they’ll love it.
• An in-house bar. The most important one. There is nothing else an adventure enthusiast loves more than an in-house bar at his accommodation.

If all these points are taken into consideration, you can establish a very attractive accommodation service for adventure enthusiasts. One thing that was not mentioned above is rooms. Adventure enthusiasts doesn’t care much about rooms that much. But if you provide all those services, your rooms will automatically be comfortable.

If you search for accommodation national park on the internet, you’ll find some very good options out there. But one name that stands out in terms of services mentioned above is, Pipers Lodge. It is a family owned establishment with all of the above mentioned facilities and then some more. Hosts are warm and friendly and you don’t feel like you are away from home. Pipers lodge is one of the best accommodation national park.

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