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Jack the Ripper

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May 23, 2015


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If you have had an adventurous childhood then you might be aware of Jack the Ripper, even if you are not aware of the history that is behind the name at least you would have heard the name in the past. Jack the ripper was a real or a depicted character back in the year 1888. There were multiple murders in the Whitechapel district out of which the majority consists of prostitute women. No valid news have ever reached the ears or the minds of the people, but it was widely known to be a rumor that had circulated among the local people. Back then, there was a fear of what they called the Jack the ripper and a large amount of fear had grown into the minds of the people who lived in the Whitechapel district.
Jack the ripper tours is an idea that has lately originated in the city of London, the program lets the people take a tour around an area that has been cloaked in the night, with the moonlight as his guide, Jack the Ripper haunted the streets of London’s in the year 1888. The tour aims to give the people a feeling of the existence of Jack the Ripper by presenting everything in a way as for building an interesting and as well as full of fear environment that lets the volunteers feel the sense of fear that must have been felt by the people living in the area where those events took place. Get to know the details by heading on to
The reason for the program to be taking place in London, besides the fact that the events took place in London, there is also another fact that contributes to the placement of the tour in London. The people who were murdered brutally were born and raised in the city of London. Ripperologists around the world are curious as for who exactly was the Jack the Ripper and whether or not it was a true person or a hoax. Now you have the chance to be led into a world of gruesome murder and separate fact from fiction, to deduce who you think Jack the Ripper really was, just head on to for getting your slot covered in time. The tour takes you along the deathbeds of the Ripper’s main victims, known as the canonical five.
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