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How Palm Leaf Plates Help The Environment!

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March 25, 2015


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Palm Leaf 12″ Salad/Serving Bowl by Little Cherry

Parties are great fun to have, but the amount of mess they leave behind is stressing. Table cloths and floor can be washed but disposing tableware isn’t simple. Use of popular disposable plastic and Styrofoam tableware products is a serious threat to environment. Whereas, using your own chinaware products for large parties can become nightmare.
Not long ago palm leaf plates, bowls and even cutlery were introduced. They are environment friendly, inexpensive and stylish alternative to standard disposable tableware. You may wonder how products that are made of 100% natural leaves can be suitable for things like plates and bowls but our range of plates are very sturdy and suitable for hot, wet and even oily foods. Once you’re finished using them these plates can be composted at home or disposed of with your food waste which is great news for the environment.
Disposable palm leaf plates helps you go green without breaking the bank. Available at an affordable price, it’s the most eco-friendly and sensible choice for parties and weddings of all sizes, as well as for any other events where food is served. It doesn’t matter whether you serve two courses or six — disposable palm leaf tableware can handle them all in style. Since biodegradable plates are 100% compostable, they are Earth-friendly and won’t leave behind any toxic chemicals. You might even be helping the soil, as these often release nutrients as they degrade.
While you should be careful not to add too many plates at a time to your compost pile. Dinnerware can often be broken up and tossed in directly. Assuming you aren’t upsetting the balance of your waste, this can make cleaning up after your event a breeze! Biodegradable dishes are free of chemical radicals and toxins and any bleaches or dyes that are used are completely safe and natural, as they are made from plant-bases. In an age when the environmental impact of man-made products is a growing concern for all of us, we cannot ignore the evils of disposable plastic, Styrofoam, and even paper tableware. Made from fallen palm leaves, disposable palm leaf plates are 100% natural and biodegradable, making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic tableware. Besides, they are more solid, easier to recycle, and look wonderful, having a beautiful texture and elegant designs.

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