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4 Must Have Pet Accessories When Travelling

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February 3, 2015


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4 Must Have Pet Accessories When Travelling

Having a pet does not mean all future travel plans are on hold for good. Pet owners travel all the time, just like regular passengers. The only difference is that they bring along an extra passenger for the journey.

Travelling with a pet requires you to create a travel checklist for pets, just like you would make one for yourself. There are different types of accessories that come in extremely handy when it comes to pet travel. Today’s post from the Pet Warehouse will talk about some of these accessories so that pet owners thinking about taking a trip with their pet can do so with confidence.

Rosewood Dog Cage

The standout feature of the Rosewood Dog Cage is its sturdy design and rigid construction, which comprises of rust-resistant steel. These dog cages are extremely spacious for even large size dogs, and ventilation is not an issue at all because of their open-air design. Despite their large size, the dog cage can fold flat for easy storage, which makes them that much more desirable for pet travel. You can relax knowing your pet will be doing the same in the back of your car.

Soft Cratesa soft crate for traveling

Keeping pets warm, especially on high altitude flights, is important. Soft crates come in very handy for such occasions. Nothing says comfort for a pet like a soft crate. They come in different designs, but the main idea here is to enclose the pet comfortably in a box or bag, all the while keeping one side open for ventilation. It’s a much more secure casing that keeps the pets warm and comfortable during the flight.

Their Favourite Toy

Pets are not accustomed to travelling. For long haul flights or road trips, it can be very difficult for them to sit in a cage for an extended period. A good way to keep them distracted and occupied during a flight is to fill their cage with stuff that reminds them of home. It could be anything really; anything they are familiar with, like a pillow on which your cat sleeps, a blanket or your dog’s favourite bone. These are some of the things pets can associate themselves with, which in turn keeps them calm and makes them comfortable during travel.

Non-Spill Bowl

Leaving a bowl in a cage would be an invitation for making a mess if it were not for non-spill bowls. As the name implies, these bowls don’t spill if there is any sudden turbulence in flight or if the car hits the brakes abruptly. As they are designed to remain vertical on the floor, you can safely leave them in their cage and fill them with food or liquid so that your pet is properly nourished throughout the journey.

As mentioned in the beginning, travelling with pets is not impossible anymore thanks in large part to these amazing pet accessories that make traveling virtually painless, and extremely fun.

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