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Amazing Pretzel Rolls and Planning a School Party

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November 5, 2014


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Amazing Pretzel Rolls and Planning a School Party

When planning an entertaining school party for children, think about amazing pretzel rolls. That’s because treats should be simple and tasty. Besides, most schools do not have sophisticated cooking facilities on site, so that choose the type of food that won’t be heated.

tasty pretel rollsAll kids adore sweet treats, and that’s why their parents often buy them cookies ad muffins for a school party. Think outside the box and you will provide them with something healthier and more remarkable. One of the best treats is a standard pretzel roll. This food can be filled with cheese, peanuts, and so on.

The good news is that it is easy to cook them on your own. You do not have to be a chef or have special kitchen utensils and skills to succeed. Take a few steps and enjoy delicious and amazing pretzel rolls.

  1. Mix honey and yeast with warm water. You need to use a large bowl and wait for a few minutes to make this mixture foamy.
  2. Stir in salt, oil, white or wheat flour. Mix all of these ingredients until you get soft dough and turn it onto a special board.
  3. This dough should knead for at least ten minutes or until it becomes a bit tacky. This is when a small amount of the same flour must be added.
  4. Prepare your oven. It should be heated up to 425 degrees and do not forget to grease baking sheets in advance.
  5. Make amazing pretzel rolls by pinching off the small pieces of dough. Roll each one on a flat surface until it forms a think rope. You need to tie or twist these ropes into a famous pretzel shape.
  6. Place all of them on a greased sheet and use the entire dough.
  7. The top of each pretzel roll should be brushed with some egg glaze. It is advisable to sprinkle your rolls with different seeds, sugar, fruits or other toppings.
  8. Slide them into your oven and leave them for twenty minutes. Wait until pretzel rolls become a bit brown.
  9. The only thing that is left is to remove all of them from the sheet and store in a special airtight container. Your amazing pretzel rolls are ready!

In summary, these soft and delicious treats are perfect for any age group and they will help you throw a fun party at school. You can ask kids to cook their own pretzels and make a competition.

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